Searching for the perfect coffee machine that meets the precise demands of your workplace and your unique requirements can be challenging. Knowing which machine will provide the optimum service in terms of performance, quality or volume is an important decision. As a leading provider of commercial bean to cup coffee machine solutions, we present our guide to five of the leading models that represent the very best in refreshment, quality and versatility.

Bravilor Esprecious

For those concerned with complete coffee perfection, the Esprecious 22 features two grinders so that two different beans or roasts can be employed in the creation of a speciality drink or differentiate between a coarse and a finely ground consistency to your beans. The intelligent and stylish touch screen is also equipped to play video, audio or show images that help to reinforce your brand. Delivering two espresso shots in around 30 seconds is ideal for those that need to offer coffee at the touch of a button. You also benefit from a power saving mode to reduce energy costs.

Ideal for: New car showrooms and dealerships, other customer-facing environments

From: £20/week

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Coffetek Vitro

The Coffetek Vitro offers a series of benefits that help it stand out in a crowded market. Whether it is barista style drinks prepared from its integral coffee grinder or freshly brewed tea from the leaf, the Vitro offers ten different drinks options from its state of the art touch screen menu. Designed to be 90% recyclable at the end of its life and with intelligent reduced energy consumption, this hot drink machine also has excellent environmental credentials. The addition of a cup warmer will offer users the chance to enjoy a coffee delivered at precisely the right temperature to bring out the full flavour of the coffee.

Ideal for: Educational establishments, self-service cafeteria, busy offices.

From: £25/week

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Rheavendors Cino XX

There is no doubt that the Rheavendors Cino XX is an eye-catching entry-level machine – featuring easy drink selection and a slim profile. Despite an unobtrusive stature, the XX has all the power required to deliver a satisfying, freshly ground coffee with 8 drink selections to rival the high street coffee shop. Will effortlessly dispense 50 drinks a day

Ideal for: Meeting or conference rooms, thriving offices, hairdressers/salons

From: £10/week

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Westomatic Primo

The Westomatic Primo features a Swiss manufactured Ditting ceramic grinder for a consistently ground coffee to bring out the best in your beans. Possessed of a durable interior that can produce up to 10 bar of pressure, the Primo will produce a crema that would gain the admiration of any Italian barista. A 1.5 kilo capacity bean hopper can provide 150 drinks per day and offer twelve delicious drink options. Equipped with a programmable mood lighting surround to complement your decor or your brand, the Primo is an alluring addition to the workplace.

Ideal for: Large offices, conference rooms and cafeteria

From: £22 /week

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Jura Giga X3

The Giga has a water reservoir system or mains fed option meaning complete flexibility in location. With the established good looks common to the Jura range, the Giga will look quite at home in an office where perfect coffee with fresh milk is your team preference. Handling 200 cups a day, the Jura provides satisfying refreshment for hard working teams. A cup warmer can be added as a peripheral attachment that keeps cups at the right temperature to receive a stimulating shot of espresso, a satisfying latte or breakfast cappuccino.

Ideal for: Meeting rooms, larger offices, small cafe, those with reduced access to mains water

From: £28/week

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At Aureo, we know the importance of high quality coffee. We specialise in providing the right solution to meet the needs of our discerning customers. Bean to cup coffee machines give you the quality you expect and represent a real benefit to your staff and clients.

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