Where temperature or other environmental variable would destroy or impede the growth of a live plant, replica plants offer an opportunity to gain all of the aesthetic benefits. Replica plants are virtually zero maintenance, created with only the finest materials and expertly manufactured so that even trained horticulturists would struggle to tell the difference unless able to touch them.

Improve Work Lives

Where real plants cannot, for practical reasons, be cared for adequately there should be no reason to suffer from lack of visual appeal or colour. Our artificial plant range has all of the appeal of nature’s own palette and being made from high quality material, should remain indistinguishable from the real thing in most cases.

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Enhance your workspace with
Commercial Artificial Plants

Being very low maintenance, these plants can be utilised in many areas that live office plants would not survive or thrive. This could be due to practical factors such as restrictive access for maintenance, or environmental considerations such as low light and temperatures. However, added prestige and enhanced workspace can still be achieved with a careful specification of our highly-realistic artificial plants and trees.

There are many benefits to furnishing your office or workspace environment with plants. The introduction of natural forms to a working environment has been proven to create a calming influence which in turn improves concentration – and ultimately productivity. Aureo replica planting is the definitive solution for areas with extremes of temperatures or light where live plants will not survive – you can still benefit from an enhanced office environment with artificial plants.


Artificial Plants & Trees
to Buy or Hire

At Aureo, our blend of experience, knowledge and design ability will ensure your exact requirements are considered on an individual level and that the delivered result will make a striking difference for the benefit of all who share your workspace. With a stunning range available to buy, lease or hire, our artificial plants and trees are guaranteed to transform your office environment.


Transform your workspace

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