A study of 1000 office workers in 2010 discovered that the average employee spends up to 24 minutes a day on making and consuming hot drinks, which over a year, is almost 100 hours. Recouping this lost time would make a significant difference to most organisations but how can this be done without upsetting staff?

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How employee breaks are impacting productivity.

A study of 1000 office workers in 2010 discovered that the average employee spends up to 24 minutes a day on making and consuming hot drinks, which over a year, is almost 100 hours. Recouping this lost time would make a significant difference to most organisations but how can this be done without upsetting staff?

We’re certainly not suggesting that you prevent employees from having access to refreshments -after all, we have already discussed the benefits of a well hydrated team, but there are solutions to the work time lost through trips to the kitchen or the local coffee shop.

If a kettle is being used to make hot drinks, a lot of time is wasted whilst it boils; the average (full) kettle boiling time is 4mins 56 seconds. Factor in the time to get to the kitchen and back, multiply by the number of drinks actually consumed (3.2 cups per day average), and this wasted time is compounded to staggering levels.
An office of 50 people may be costing more than £1000 a week in lost time and as office sizes grow, so do the costs.

Kettles in constant use may also become more inefficient and even dangerous over a relatively short period of time, indeed, hard water in many parts of England causes lime scale build-up which further increases the boiling time and eventually destroys the appliance.

Imagine having a consistent and instant supply of hot water on tap, ready to use without worrying about wasted time and energy or regular appliance replacement. Our counter top water boilers can cater for any size of office and even operate on a timer to ensure most efficient use of energy. As a busy person, you’ll be able to grab a hot drink whenever you want rather than go without because the kettle takes too long to boil.

Water boilers, with their ergonomic controls, are also important for those that are less able to lift and handle kettles – ensuring that your environment remains inclusive and accommodating. Additionally, you’ll minimise risk of injury for all users, which will be another plus for your Health & Safety obligations.

Your colleagues can remain focused on their work without having to wait for the kettle to boil and everyone will wonder where their additional time came from!

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Thank you for all the work you and your team do, ensuring our plants are cared for and providing suitable replacements when required.
The installation was really smooth, and we are pleased with the new machine. Thanks for your time with this.  I will make sure we are in touch when the review of coffee machines happens.
I have been dealing with Aureo for many years, always found them to be competitively priced and easy to deal with, the customer service is always excellent. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard and his team.
Thank you for the biscuits, what a suprise. Its always a pleasure doing business with Aureo.
The feedback is very positive; the staff appreciate the new options available and the pleasant new machines.
I just wanted to thank you for your hard work and support over the last couple of weeks during my absence in arranging for the installation of our new vending machines.
All has gone smoothly. Thank you for making our machine switch over so easy.
The coffee machines are operating very well and are a joy to clean as the process is so much easier than the previous models
Just a quick thank you for our new machine, it is proving to be quite the success! Thank you to you and Gary for your help and efficient service
The service we have received so far has been second to none and the quality of the drinks and the machine itself is of a really high quality. I’m just sorry it took us so long to get around to making a change with the hot drinks we provide to staff!
We have had the coffee machine installed now for less than a week on a trial basis.  I don’t think there’s any way our staff will let us hand this back now!
What a transformation!  Real plants in our new offices have been very enthusiastically received by all our staff and visitors and have created a positive improvement to the overall atmosphere.  Thank you Aureo!
Our bottled water has been supplied by Aureo for several years now. Their staff are friendly, they provide an efficient service and fast delivery. On many occasions, we have received our delivery within hours of ordering.
The plant displays and your service levels are a distinct improvement to our old provider – my only regret is that we didn’t switch earlier.
Having used Aureo’s services for some time, I have found them to be professional, prompt and always reasonably priced. Their service is very good and the new Flavia Coffee machine we have installed is a big hit with our customers.
I’m so sorry, I have just realised that I didn’t say a huge thank you for the wonderful plants that you arranged so quickly for us. Everyone was really impressed, they do look great. Thank you!
Aureo provide an excellent service. They always deliver our order next day without exception. The staff are very friendly and helpful. They have a wide selection of products to choose from which we can offer our clients. Thank you.
I just wanted to say thank you for our plants – they arrived this morning and look really good. I have already had comments from staff and also our building manager who may be contacting you regarding changing her supplier!
We have been using Aureo to provide hot water for our staff refreshments for the past two years; we have found this method an excellent alternative to boiling kettles which tend to be uneconomic and time wasting.
I have just arrived back in the office to see our new plants, they look very nice :) very pleased!! Thank you
Just wanted to say over the past four years, the service we have received from Aureo has been second to none.  We would thoroughly recommend Aureo as a company with first class customer service. Many thanks