Drinking water fountains provide a discreet but stylish addition to your office or workplace. These fantastic machines need very little maintenance and can easily supply water to your staff and customers with minimal fuss or difficulty.

Water Fountain Solutions
for your Office

At Aureo, we have a large range of office water fountains available, all of which come complete with our expert Installation for minimal inconvenience to you and your business. These great fountains are high capacity and perform a high level of performance.

Plumbed directly into the mains, our drinking water fountains require very little maintenance and are fantastically durable and reliable. Our hygienic range also has additional features available such as tamper resistance and these hard working machines can be easily integrated into your office or workspace. No need for taps, our fountains can produce from 15 litres to 40 litres of chilled water per hour to your staff and customers.



All of our drinking water fountains are expertly installed by a member of our Installation team, with minimal hassle to your working environment.

Furthermore, if there is ever an issue with your product a member of our rapid on-site response team will be able check over your equipment and even provide a working replacement for use in case it needs to be repaired.


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