Imagine having immediate access to hot water without waiting for a kettle to boil or fresh, cool, filtered water for those long warm days in the office. Good hydration is fundamental to an effective team and at Aureo, we are passionate about ensuring that your employees and customers are revitalised and invigorated throughout the day. Select from a plumbed POU water cooler, instant water boiler or the flexibility of a bottled water cooler that can be placed virtually anywhere to satisfy your specific requirement.

Improve Work Lives

Good hydration is essential for an effective workplace and thoughtfully positioned water demonstrates a real commitment to well being. Having immediate access to water will give employees the refreshment they need to continue performing at their best.

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Office Water
Dispenser Leasing

At Aureo, we are leading suppliers of hot & cold water dispensers leasing solutions. All of our dispensers are available for nationwide hire or purchase and come complete with our in-house technical support and on-site response service, meaning your entire experience with Aureo will be refreshingly complete.


Instant Hot
Water Dispensers

At Aureo, we have a large selection of instant hot water dispensers available to fit any commercial or office space. We understand that space can sometimes be an issue, which is why our large range of water dispensers includes free standing, countertop and wall mounted options. Hygiene and usability of our products is paramount and along with our unrivalled support and servicing, Aureo can provide you with everything you need for your office or workspace needs.


Office Cold
Water Dispensers

Along with our large range of instant hot water solutions, we also offer a selection of cold water dispensers, such as our range of POU water coolers and bottled water coolers to our customers. These easy to use dispensers are professionally installed in your office or workspace to allow for convenient water distribution to your clients, staff and customers at the touch of a button.