At Aureo, we have a selection of top brand vending machine snacks to help you make the most of your vending machines. Thanks to years of experience, we are able to offer a comprehensive and exhaustive range of products including vending snacks, vending water & soft drinks.

Vending Machine Snacks
for London, Surrey & Sussex

Having a selection of tasty vending machine snacks available at a touch of a button to your staff, customers or clients is paramount to keeping them happy. With our wide array of snacks including biscuits, crisps, chocolate and confectionary, your office or workspace will be spoilt for choice.

Many of our delicious range of vending machine snacks come conveniently boxed to allow for economical purchase and with a wide choice of package deals available, you’ll easily find the perfect products for your office or workspace with Aureo.


Vending Water &
Soft Drinks Solutions

Soft drinks and water form a great balance to snacks and hot drinks and with our range of vending water and soft drinks, you’ll have something to please anyone. Stocking a wide range of popular brands in bottles, cans and cartons you can keep your staff or customers refreshed and happy with the touch of a button.

With a range of drinks including water, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, squashes and cordials all available to buy, Aureo provides a refreshingly complete option for the supply of your vending water and soft drinks. The size of your vending machine does not matter as we have a large variety of drink sizes in stock to suit your office or workspace machines perfectly. Also available is a complete range of large water bottles, to refill your water coolers – locally sourced to the highest quality this natural mineral water is sure to make an impression on your staff or customers.


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