The first impression of clients upon visiting your hotel is possibly the most important facet of their experience. A welcoming disposition creates a positive impact and Aureo has made this something of a fine art in the HORECA industry. Whether it be a carefully tailored aroma of fresh ground coffee, the aura created by our bespoke entrance planting, or the style and comfort of our social furniture, many years of experience in creating the perfect environment is waiting to be unleashed on your next project.

An Unforgettable

Our in-depth knowledge when working with hotels includes coffee, other hot drinks, cold drinks, planting and furniture – our combination of products and services is key to an unforgettable experience for your clients.

At Aureo, we pride ourselves in knowing coffee and knowing it well. By keeping intensely involved with the industry, we discover new trends and how the coffee fashion is evolving so that we are able to advise on what will appeal to your valuable clientele.


Quality & Value

We’re well aware of the importance of added value in the HORECA industry; your clients expect value but not at the expense of quality. This balance is our top priority when considering solutions and accordingly, Aureo will advise on a realistic offering to exceed your expectations.

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Bespoke Hotel Environment Solutions

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