The car showroom is no longer simply a display area for vehicles but a whole consumer experience where clients demand a high level of attention. Key to this is hospitality and the emotions are sure to be engaged when clients are greeted with the appealing aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee. Together with a welcoming reception and the aura created by complimentary interior landscaping, the client’s vehicle-buying journey has begun before they have even sat in one of your vehicles!

Deliver the Perfect Customer Experience

Realising that the customer’s experience in your showroom directly reflects the brand values of your dealership, Aureo will work with you to deliver a seamless provision of quality refreshments and carefully designed interior landscaping to ensure that clients have a rewarding experience whilst making decisions on their next vehicle.

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Build Customer Loyalty & Recommendations

Whether it be the quality bone china cup and saucer, branded carefully with your logo, or the tasty biscuit on the side, small considerations build up a perception of added value in the mind of the client – their senses stimulated and well prepared for what is undeniably a big decision for them.

This enjoyable experience builds customer loyalty, generates referrals and recommendations and ultimately an increase in sales and profits.

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