How To Temporarily Decommission Your Coffee Machine

Before powering off your machine, please carry out the following: For Fresh Milk Coffee Machines Open fridge, empty any milk from within container, replace container. Do routine milk clean/milk flush as per usual daily maintenance Do routine daily espresso and instant whipper bowl clean Remove milk container, empty residues & wash with warm water and … Continued

How To Temporarily Decommission Your Water Coolers

Plumbed-In (mains fed) Water Coolers 1. Short Term Shutdown (1 – 4 Weeks) Turn off water supply Leave machine switched on Before resuming use, draw off all water Turn water supply on and allow machine to refill Draw off 3 litres from each tap to flush the system 2. Occupied Premises If the premises are … Continued

Contemporary Workplace Solutions – Case Studies Review

As the year draws to a close, we look back at what a truly momentous year it has been – in so many different ways for this country, indeed globally. In our own sphere of operation, if one thing has impressed us more than anything, it is the focus and investment that employers are making … Continued

Diverse workplace environments call for creative thinking

Reinforce your brand identity Establishing a positive first impression is crucial to engaging a potential client, welcoming a visitor or demonstrating your credibility as a business. Ensuring that people are made to feel welcome and comfortable will help to encourage a long term, mutually beneficial partnership. There are a number of ways that this can … Continued

7 Plants Suited To The Office

From the thousands of choices available, selecting the most appropriate variety for the kinds of atmosphere and ambience found at work is vital to prevent the premature demise of the plant and is not always as easy as it may initially seem. Poorly maintained, drooping or dying foliage is worse than no planting at all! … Continued

Why refreshment is at the centre of workplace wellbeing

Positive effects from hot beverages Our hectic lifestyles rarely leave time for reflection but it is the ability to take a step back that will ensure your continued productivity and creativity. Coupled with a revitalising beverage, you’ll notice enhanced mood and problem solving ability. Taking time to enjoy a properly brewed cup of tea or … Continued

Experience Esprada® Coffee Blends

Creating the ultimate range of coffee blends The journey to create a range of indulging blends that would become synonymous with satisfaction began in the enriching settings of South America and Africa at some of the most respected coffee farms below the equator. Many years on we are still lovingly roasting our revered coffee blends … Continued

Coffee machine care

How can I be sure that my coffee machine is really clean? You needn’t fear coffee spoiling associated with poor hygiene if you pay attention to the most vulnerable areas of the coffee machine. Coffee machine care extends the life of your trusted appliance by removing potential blockages, lime scale and other substances that may … Continued

A Better Blend of Customer Experience

Consultation & Design Our free consultation and survey forms the beginning of our partnership. This is essential in order to find out about your individual needs and ideas before our experienced team can guide you through the options available and what the delivered solution could look like. Aureo is design-driven and we will not rest … Continued

Welcome Better Worklife

Motivating your staff and providing them with a workplace to be proud of are essential criteria for the success of your business. Welcome better worklife by boosting productivity and reducing absences, retaining team members and creating a healthy working environment, together with Aureo Group. We have created a simple infographic detailing exactly how to achieve this and … Continued