The Aureo brand encapsulates the promise that we make to our staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.  Our vision is to enhance peoples’ working lives and as such, our brand values are at the heart of everything we do:


To enhance peoples’ working lives


To excel in the provision of facilities that enhance working environments for the advancement of our clients, their staff and their clientele.

Our Values

Uncompromising Care

It underlines everything we do. Customers, Suppliers, Colleagues and Brands – we promote respect for people, businesses, property and society as a whole. Everyone deserves to succeed.

Warranted Credibility

Built and retained through unselfish commitment to integrity, honesty, esteem and accountability with customers and suppliers alike.

Boundless Ingenuity

Excellence in providing progressive and innovative solutions comes from an environment that stimulates talent, passion, energy, stamina and dedication in all that we do.

Continuous Improvement

It’s a culture. We can never be complacent – even small things can be changed for the better – we’re always looking for those things.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Aureo Group strives to ensure that through its global network of sources, good ethics have been adopted in any product development and supply process.

Ensuring compliance with all appropriate laws, regulations and social responsibilities and standards we firmly believe is a prerequisite to any company of quality and essential in winning and maintaining the trust of our customers.

Aureo is therefore committed to ensuring that our products and services conform to all relevant product, safety, health and environmental regulations and recommendations

As an ongoing process and in order to contribute to overall global environmental protection, we place a high priority on initiatives that foster such tendencies and encourage high health and safety standards.