Aureo Group is proud to serve a thriving local business community in Burgess Hill which is home to a wide spectrum of businesses from multinational conglomerates to niche market professionals. Our broad client base continually benefits from our, superior coffee machines and water dispensers , interior planting along with highly desirable designer office breakout furniture.

Workplace enhancement in Burgess Hill

From computer game designers to urban tree planting organisations, we have worked with a huge number of industries and sectors to deliver tailored solutions for better work life. State-of-the-art hot drinks and coffee machines keep staff hydrated and refreshed throughout the day and ensure everyone on your team is feeling and working at their best.



Flexible work environments in Burgess Hill

At Aureo we are committed to enhancing the way people work today and have a mission to provide facilities and products that best serve our clients in the pursuit of employee wellbeing. Innovative solutions, state of the art design and healthy environments are our purpose.