Widely regarded as the creative hub of Sussex owing to a high concentration of digital media companies and other artistic professions, Brighton is the imaginative centre of our region. With a discerning workforce that understands strong design principles, we have worked with many companies in Brighton to provide refreshing environments that meet the diverse needs of today’s versatile employees.

Green business in Brighton

Ecological awareness guides our business practices at Aureo. A range of our coffee and sugar products are endorsed by the Fairtrade Foundation and our partners are carefully selected to reduce negative environmental impact. We also support a number of charities including Just a Drop, a water aid charity set up in 1998 to provide safe drinking water globally, RNLI Lifeboats, Cancer Research the British Red Cross and the Sussex Heart charity.


Our commitment to enhancing work life in Brighton

At Aureo we are committed to enhancing the way people work today and have a mission to provide facilities and products that best serve our clients in the pursuit of employee wellbeing. Innovative solutions, state of the art design and healthy environments are our purpose.